Terms of Use

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Description of the scope of services

  • Meetamillionaires.com is a serious mediation service for finding online partners. As a contact portal it provides a scientifically based method of intermediation for people seeking a lasting relationship.
  • All users can register and perform a compatibility test for free and only once. With the free Basic Account users have the possibility to create a profile that they can manage autonomously. Once the profile is created, Meetamillionaires.com will present you with a personalized list of users as a couple proposals.
  • In addition to the free subscription to Meetamillionaires.com, there is the possibility of a paid subscription (Premium users). Users who purchase a Premium account can enjoy all the services offered by Meetamillionaires.com. The user will be informed before the formalization of the purchase of the services subject to costs; of the contractual obligations, costs and forms of payment associated with the purchase.